Design Process

Perfect Blend of Comfort and Luxury


In order for us to continue being inspired, we have been well researched. It is simply recommended to continually keep up to date with what is trending.

Design Concept:

The first real step in the process is the idea or concept; this is the starting point from which everything else grows. This could be through a brainstorming session or it may occur naturally while researching or it may be just a eureka moment that happens out of the blue. However, the idea will be written down, as well as sketching the general design form and perhaps the joinery methods too. (we do offer design work, tailored to the customer) we get a look and feel of what they want. Contemporary or modern. Full design work with 3d renders)


Samples of the finish are then sent to the client; any details are done and presented. Once approved then the whole production process can begin. Re-confirmation of sizes at the site.